Perfect Pulled Pork!

Ahhhh, football season. Lazing around on the couch, watching the games, having a beer. Oh, wait, that was before I had kids. Those younger days when I would order a pizza and lay on the couch….long gone. I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a WHOLE game; only if I hire a babysitter and leave my house to watch it!

It’s ok. I still get to catch a bit of the same feeling by having it on in the background while I cook or do laundry, yuck. Sometimes, we get ambitious and have other families over to watch the games with us. Misery loves company.

Here’s a recipe that is a real crowd pleaser. You can freeze the leftovers for another day. Just thaw in the fridge then reheat in the oven on 325 degrees F for a while until it’s heated through. I can’t remember where I got the recipe from, so sorry!

The nice thing about this is that you can make it the day before you want to serve it. Marinate it two days prior, cook the day before and then reheat. Because it takes a bit of picking to separate the meat from the fat, I would recommend making it the day before, but maybe some of you have boundless energy! My dh loves to make this when we are planning on having it, which is doubly nice for me.

This recipe calls for 1 whole pork butt, which is a funny name, because it comes from the shoulder area. Strange name, but it is delish and reasonably cheap! This cut of meat is readily available at butchers and you may find it in your grocery store. It will range from 6-10 pounds so don’t leave your muscles at home! I think we use about 6-7 pounds and it yields a lot, which is good because EVERYONE will be back for seconds. Serve with baked beans, some warm cornbread and a chilled beer. TOUCH DOWN!

Perfect Pulled Pork

1/4 cup ground black pepper
1/4 cup paprika
1/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon cayenne
1 whole pork butt
many, many rolls

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.. Place roast in plastic bag (we use the one from the butcher) and rub seasoning mix all over the roast. Refrigerate overnight. Take out pork roast and re-rub. Let sit at room temperature for 2 hours.

Cook in slow cooker on low heat for about 8 hours or until the meat pulls apart easily and falls off the bone. Alternatively, you can roast on rack uncovered in oven at 250-275 degrees until falling apart, approximately 7-8 hours. Internal temperature should be between 195-200.

Here’s the messy part. Let cool until you can handle the meat. Pull pork into pieces, discarding the fat. This step is a bit misleading. It will take you some time since it’s a large roast but have a buddy help you and it will be a bit quicker, even if your buddy is a glass of white wine 🙂

Place meat into a serving container or back into the cleaned slow cooker. Mix with your favorite barbeque sauce. Enjoy immediately or the next day.

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