I’ll take that to go….

I will come clean….NOT A MORNING PERSON! Never have been, never will be. It’s sad because our society is definitely geared to get up and going in the morning and it’s a struggle for me to get it all together. Somehow I manage. One thing that I am always doing is bringing my coffee with me. It might be just the last few sips but I can’t seem to finish it before I leave the house most days. I used to just grab paper cups but always felt a little guilty pang. A lot of stainless cups give coffee a funny taste. The last few months I have been taking my coffee in my regular coffee cup, definitely not the optimum solution! I finally found something that I think will make taking my coffee a little easier!


These mugs are ceramic with adorable designs and fit in my car cupholders. They are very sturdy, dishwasher and microwave safe and they are only about $10 each. Maybe I’ll get up extra early tomorrow so I can start using it. Ummmm…maybe I’ll just hit the snooze 🙂

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