About Me



I am a stay at home mother of two in suburban New Jersey. I am always trying to find tricks to make my life easier or healthier.

I like to eat really tasty food. I also try to prepare healthy food for my family and have assembled some tricks and recipes that help me. My kids don’t always eat what they should but I keep trying. One of my kids will try almost anything and the other…..forget it!

Some of my ideas are simple time saving steps that you can use when you know you won’t have time to cook. Others are things that can be made ahead when you have some time to cook. Some ideas will just be fun recipes that I like to make.

I always hear people say to each other,  “Can you email that to me?”  So, I decided to put some recipes and ideas in one location. Now anyone can share or get helpful ideas and recipes whenever they want! And, I get to have my favorite recipes online so when I’m not home, I can still get them! Feel free to post comments and then you can share your ideas, too.

If you want to ask a question or give feedback, please email me at jodie@emailthattome.com