49 Days ’til Spring….Orzo Super Salad Recipe

orzo_optWell, New Jersey has turned into the land of climate extremes. Tons of rain last Spring, blistering heat this past Summer and now, I can’t see over the snowbanks on my street and there is nowhere to park! I heard there is more snow on the way. Yikes. How much longer until Spring? And this is coming from someone who enjoys the snow.

One of my friends and I were chatting last night and she was commenting on how sick she is of the heavy, winter food. I have to agree with her. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t cook one more roast or stew. I am craving some fresh, light fare right about now.

Here is a wonderful salad that screams Spring. It’s full of different textures and is very green….like the color of your lawn before the scorching heat turned it to straw last summer! Have fun reseeding this Spring. This salad will definitely feed a crowd. For those with dairy and nut allergies, leave those ingredients in separate bowls next to the salad. Maybe I’ll make this today and it will melt all this snow! Think Spring everyone.

Orzo Super Salad Recipe by 101 Cookbooks http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/orzo-super-salad-recipe.html

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